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Jarrett Stone

People are different, businesses are different, philosophies are different.

So you would expect that entrepreneurs are all different, right?

Not so fast.

Despite these differences, there are 3 entrepreneurial characteristics that all successful entrepreneurs have in common.

They are the foundation that all businesses are built on.

So whether you're thinking about starting a business or you're currently running a business, see if you share these same entrepreneurial traits.

Because if you do have these traits, then you may have some amazing potential inside of you!

So what are the entrepreneurial characteristics?

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1. Focused

The first characteristic of an entrepreneur (and maybe the most important) is that they are focused.

In fact, entrepreneurs are hyper focused -- if not obsessed -- about their business or future business.

The entrepreneurial types are like John Wick -- People of focus. Commitment. Sheer will.

​​​The entrepreneurial types are like John Wick -- People of focus. Commitment. Sheer will.

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(side-note: Check out the John Wick movies if you haven't seen them!)

Where does this focus come from?


Remember your first major crush? All you could was think about that person.

Entrepreneurs are the same way, but with business.

In fact, entrepreneurs are extremely passionate about their business.

This is because the very best entrepreneurs can identify problems that the world has and provide solutions to those problems. And in doing so, entrepreneurs are able to impact the world in ways that others can't.

What could be more exciting and motivating than changing the world for the better? For more on this, check out the Importance of Entrepreneurship.

Keep in mind, that the life of an entrepreneur can be filled with obstacles and defeats. It's this passion that fuels entrepreneurs beyond the setbacks so that they can accomplish their goals.

So in an effort to better people's lives, entrepreneurs are able to have a type of tunnel vision that focuses them on their goals, which cuts out distractions and increases productivity. 

And that right there is a recipe for success!

Now ask yourself... of all your passions, which gives you the most focus?


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2. Leader

The second characteristic of an entrepreneur is leadership. Although there are several types of entrepreneurship, every single entrepreneur must be a leader. 

Keep in mind, it's irrelevant whether you're extroverted or introverted (shout out to my fellow INTJs).

Instead, it's absolutely critical that you are able to confidently and effectively communicate to those that need leading, which can include employees, clients, and/or customers.

For instance, with customers, the entrepreneur can identify the problem that the customer has and lead the customer to the solution.

To do this, the entrepreneur must be absolutely confident that he or she can help the customer. And then the entrepreneur must be able to effectively communicate why they are so confident in the solution for the customer.

Traditionally, this type of communication involves a face-to-face with the potential customers. However, in today's digital world, entrepreneurs use websites and/or social media to communicate to customers. We've have basically gone full circle by mainly communicating with customers verbally (face-to-face) to writing (landing pages) back to mostly verbally (online video).

Either way, this kind of leadership can result in sales, which can grow a business. 

This same concept is true for leading employees. In other words, entrepreneurs are effective leaders when they can confidently and clearly communicate what the employee must do and why.

So how can you be a leader to others?  

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3. Student

The third characteristic of an entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur must always be a student.

I understand that this may be a little counter intuitive because we associate entrepreneurs as experts in their field (and who wants to go back to school...)

Yet, the truth is that the world is always changing.

Trends come and go. Industries get disrupted. Things cycle.

So entrepreneurs need to stay adaptive in order to be immune to changes. And they do that by always learning and staying ahead of the curve. 

Plus, if you're truly passionate about your industry and what you do, being a student will feel less like being in school and more like a soldier adding another weapon to the arsenal -- a very nerdy soldier. 

Now ask yourself... what are you a nerd for?

To Summarize

The 3 most important characteristics of an entrepreneur are focused, leader, and student.

If you're passionate about something so much that you focus all of your attention on it, you use it to help others, and you enjoy nerding out over it, then you have some amazing entrepreneurial traits and potential!

I can't wait to see what you do next!


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