About Me

My passions, my goals, my life.



I've had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was a kid -- a very unusual kid. 

In first grade, I went to an arcade all summer and I would always save my tickets in a "bank" account that the arcade had. So while my friends enjoyed their short-term success with small prizes each day, I always had my eyes set on the long game and the big-ticket items. 

Fast forward and that fire only grew. I was 10 or 11 going door-to-door selling wrapping paper. Then I mowed lawns once I got older. At 16, I started trading stocks. At 17, I started my own video-production business, which helped grow my stock portfolio and pay for college expenses. 

Now as a practicing lawyer, I've started a couple of side businesses and passion projects.

I truly believe that it takes a village to raise a child. My village has been filled with great mentors. Now it's time for me to repay that debt by helping others with the same entrepreneurial spirit.



When I started college, I had no idea what my career would be. I tried to play to my strengths by taking classes like Economics and Calculus, however, they bored me beyond belief. 

Out of pure curiosity, I took a philosophy class called "Contemporary Moral Problems" and loved it! So I changed my major to Philosophy and decided to go to law school. 

I started law school without a clue what kind of lawyer I would be. Fortunately, I quickly found out that I love advocating for others and arguing before a judge/jury. Being in a courtroom reminds me a lot of playing sports throughout high school (I love competition). 

This newfound passion for the courtroom led to me getting experience in criminal and family law.

Now, I have my own law firm, Stone Firm, PLLC, and I'm having a blast while handling select personal-injury cases and complex class-action cases.

Jarrett Stone in Dallas, Texas


Total nerd

There's no denying it -- I'm a nerd. 

I love learning new things and will spend countless hours researching (with the irony being that I rarely ever did research in school).

I'm all about tech, photography, videography, the law, marketing, and anything business related. 

And don't get me started about all the movies and shows that I love!